Empower Her Future: Karachi Cup U-19 Women’s School Futsal Championship

The inaugural Karachi Cup U19 Women’s Futsal Championship, hosted by Karachi City FC and Legends Arena, celebrated talent, strength, and empowerment, aiming to nurture young female football talent and foster active communities.

Group Stages: Seven teams, including Beaconhouse Jubilee, Karachi Grammar School, Discovery Centre, Cedar College, Nixor, Sceptre, and Haque Academy, showcased their prowess. Nixor, Cedar, Haque Academy, and Karachi Grammar School emerged triumphant, setting the stage for an exhilarating knockout phase.

Semi-Finals and Final: In intense knockout rounds, Haque Academy secured a 3-0 victory against Nixor, while Karachi Grammar School dominated with a 5-0 win against Cedar College. The grand finale witnessed Karachi Grammar School's impressive 6-0 win, claiming the championship.

Esteemed sponsors - the Consulate General of the United Arab Emirates in Karachi, Ubank, Upaisa, and COP 28 UAE - made this journey possible. The tournament not only showcased talent but also promoted gender equality, youth engagement, and skill development.

The Karachi Cup leaves a lasting mark as more than a competition; it's a celebration of empowerment, unity, and the promising future of women in sports. Until next year, when we gather again to witness the rise of new stars on the futsal pitch! 🌟⚽

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